Welcome to the Anagram tool at thelow.co.uk.

Unlike a lot of Scrabble solvers out there, this anagram tool can take an unlimited number of letters. The pattern matching options make it perfect for any word game. It can give you all the words that can be formed from your letters, and can also give you all the words that use all of the letters.

Enter the characters you'd like to anagram in the text box at the top. Then press one of the anagram buttons at the bottom.

An Exact anagram will return words that use all of the available letters.

A Sub anagram will return all words that can be made from any of the available letters.

A Super anagram will return all words that contain every available letter.

The Length setting allows you to specify the exact length of words returned by the Sub and Super anagrams.

The Must contain setting allows you to specify letters that have to be used in a Sub anagram.

The Match pattern setting allows you to specify a regex pattern, and only words matching the pattern will be returned. A dot (.) will match a single character and a dot and an asterisk (.*) will match zero or more characters. You can use standard regex constructs to make more complex matches, e.g. [ABC].* will match all words starting with A,B or C.

The Sort options, above the results, allow you to choose to sort alphabetically or by length.

Four dictionaries are currently supplied, and all are searched by default. Turn off a particular dictionary by unchecking its check box. The TWL dictionary is for Scrabble players in the US and Canada. The rest of the English-speaking world use the Sowpods dictionary. The Enable dictionary is used in Words with Friends. The JustWords word list is used in Just Words. This contains proper nouns not found in the other dictionaries.

The multi-word anagram tool is still under development. Note that trying to create multi-word anagrams from a long string of characters is likely to take a very long time!

The tool uses the full dictionary, but excludes words of a single letter.

The results are grouped to save space. Each bracketed set of words are just anagrams of each other, so they form a group which can be paired with other groups in the same way.

The number to the write allows you to specify the maximum number of words to form from the letters. The fewer you specify the faster the tool will return results.

Sorting does not work on multi-word anagrams.

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