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This page shows the history of the Risk Legacy Mapping Tool. If you have any comments, questions or requests regarding the mapping tool, then feel free to write something below.

15 Sep 2013 – Population now functions correctly – cycle between nothing, square and star. Drag behaviour on population no longer resets to 1 until the drag is well outside the population shape.
13 Sep 2013 – Added functionality to toggle between continent colours and occupier colours. Added simple instructions page. Cosmetic changes.
11 Sep 2013 – Original upload – coordinates turned on.

8 comments on “Risk Legacy Mapper
  1. dave says:

    Jason, any chance you could add a ‘well-armed’ to your battle calculator. You may have not gotten to it yet, and I don’t think I’m really spoiling anything too much, but at some point a faction can get a +1 to all attacking dice on a HQ. This power really rocks and I couldn’t any place to calculate it to see just how much better it is. Thanks,

    • jasonwestley says:

      Hi Dave,

      I’ll try to sort something out over the Christmas break! I’ll probably just try to make the dice modifiers for both sides as flexible as possible. When you say ‘battle calculator’ are you referring to the odds calculator, or the automatic battle simulator?

  2. dave says:

    Jason, Hey, great. Excellent. Well I was originally using your Risk Legacy ‘odds calculator’ but I also see your ‘Risk Legacy Fighter’ site as well, so either/both of those would be sufficient/great. I especially like the little summery (eg. The attacker has a 56.8% chance of winning and the expected result of the battle is a win for the attacker with 3 armies surviving.). And just as a teeny-tiny almost insignificant nitpick, I might expand your descriptions just a bit. For example, is ‘Fortify’ is +1 to both dice or just the high of the defender? I am not the owner of the game so it’s harder for me to remember. And what is ‘double’? ‘Triple’ I assume is for the Bears (sucky) bonus, but again, a short description might make it easier for the user if this isn’t too much trouble.

    I did figure out the straight odds of Well-Armed (http://boardgamegeek.com/article/14323971#14323971), but that stat isn’t as enlightening as seeing what the odds are for a 10 on 10 fight. Anyways, thanks again for your sites and adding the attacking bonuses.

    So I just won the last 2 games (games 8-9) using our Well-Armed Bears–they were really almost overpowering so it got me thinking about if I was just lucky or the odds were very stacked in my favor. I doubt my opponents will let me be them again, so I need to figure out how to defend against them as well.


    Your sites:

    • jasonwestley says:

      The odds calculator has now been updated to allow the attackers to be well armed. I’ve not done a thorough test of the figures by comparing them to manual calculations, but I think it all works out OK! As you predicted in that thread dave, well armed changes the odds of 3 vs 2 from 56.8% to 90.7% for an attacking victory.

      The automated battle tool is a bit more complex and I have to remind myself how it works, so that will take a bit longer to change!

  3. dave says:

    Jason, I was all excited this morning to plug some numbers in, but I think it’s not quite right yet for the general public. I see the “Attacking modifiers (minor spoiler – click here to reveal)”, but unless I’m missing something obvious, there’s no ‘box to check’, nor can I click anything to reveal the well-armed bit so I can’t change the modifier. Probably just a minor bug or something. Yeah, I don’t see anything else to try on my end.

    • dave says:

      Whoops, I just ‘refreshed’ the page and now I see it!!!! Awesome. Don’t know what happened before but now it looks fine….

      • jasonwestley says:

        Cool. I was just checking it in Chrome and Firefox, where it seems fine. Unfortunately, my laptop is in for repair, so I’m using an ancient XP machine, which means I have no idea if it’s OK in IE9 or not. As expected, IE8 is a shambles!

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