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Many of you have probably played the classic strategy game of Risk. Less have you are likely to have played one of the many variations that Hasbro have released over the years: Risk Legacy.

The cool thing about Risk Legacy is that it’s a campaign game. You and your group of friends begin with a plain map of the world and some simple rules, and by the end of the first game you’ll have written on the board, put some stickers on it, and ripped up some of the cards that came with the game. These changes are permanent, and will affect all your subsequent games. Not only does the map change, but the rules too. There are various secrets to unlock as you reach certain landmarks, so the game is constantly evolving.

Most players really, really don’t want spoilers about what happens later in the game, so please don’t post anything below which might give the game away!

Anyway, right from the start, the combat rules of Risk Legacy are a little different to the original game. While there are many tools available to automate long battles and calculate odds in the orginal game, nobody seems to have done the same for Legacy… so I thought I would.

The first link is to a battle calculator which will automatically run battles for you, based on various input parameters. The rules I used are the ones that apply from the start of the game, so there are no spoilers in there (unless you haven’t even opened the box yet!).

Risk Legacy Fighter

The second link is to an odds calculator. I’m not sure whether players should be allowed to use this during a game, but the statistics are interesting, and show just how much difference a bit of defence can make.

Risk Legacy Odds Calculator

At the moment, the tools are written with just HTML and Javascript. I might update them to use SVG sometime soon. As a group, we are only on game 3, so we haven’t uncovered to much just yet. When we do, if battles are affected, I may create new tools to include new rules… but these tools won’t change, so you’ll know they’re always spoiler-free.

If you make use of the tools, I’d be grateful for any feedback.

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