Risk Legacy Mapper – new and in D3!

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything, because I’ve been working on a new version of the Risk Legacy Mapper.

Risk Legacy Mapper

You can find the new mapping tool here.

The most obvious change is that it uses the proper Risk map that I found in the previous post, rather than the somewhat blocky (but stylish?… probably not) map that I used for the previous version of the mapper. Under the hood, the application is built using D3 instead of jQuery SVG.

The new mapper is still very much in the design stage. You can add and name cities, add scars, add armies and name continents, but that’s about it at the moment. I’ll be adding other functionality in the coming weeks, including the ability to save your map as a code, like the old mapper.

There are no spoilers on the map. Everything on it is available from the moment you break the seal on the box. If and when I add later-game functionality, it will be a pro-active choice to turn it on, so there’s no danger of seeing anything you shouldn’t!

If you happen to find the tool, and you have any thoughts on things I could add or change to make it more useful, then please let me know by commenting on this post.

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27 comments on “Risk Legacy Mapper – new and in D3!
  1. Seriously, this incredibly awesome! Wow. I also love the odds calculator!

    • jasonwestley says:

      Hi Selim, thanks for the positive comments. I’ve not had much time to work on the mapping tool lately due to other projects, but I’ve still got it in mind. If you have any suggestions for improvements then let me know!

  2. Sure I’ll be glad to share any thoughts & suggestions that come up.

    Have you shared this over at the boardgamegeeks-forum? I think a bunch of peope there would love it. I’ve seen various paint(?)-drawn maps used for recording sessions, etc. This map-tool absolute kills it.

  3. If you havent seen this: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/8689928#8689928

    Quick note regarding your map: Bigger fonts would be great if possible. They are a bit hard to read on my 13 inch laptop ATM.

    • jasonwestley says:

      Thanks for the link. I was aware of the boardgamegeek forum, but haven’t spent any time there. I didn’t think I ought to promote the map until it was a bit more polished!

      Your thoughts on larger fonts are just what I need to get back into working on it. It should be pretty simple to add options to increase and decrease font sizes. I’m not sure what effect that will have on the layout though!

  4. BTW, is it possible to change the continent-bonus för North America to 5?


  5. Derek says:

    How about sharing the code/source on GitHub. Then others can do pull requests with changes / improvements.

  6. jasonwestley says:

    Hi Derek,

    Good idea. I’ll try to get the code on GitHub over the weekend. Sadly, I don’t have much time to work on it myself at the moment. Our little group haven’t played a game in about six months. My fault really – I have a four-month-old baby :)

  7. TommyO says:

    Hi Jason,

    I know this is a few years old, but it is (almost) exactly what I’m looking for. I love it!

    I’m interested in making some improvements to make it more flexible and reusable. One big change would be to move the territory definitions to TopoJSON.

    Did you ever commit to github? If not, do you mind if I do?

    Also, if you’re at all interested in working on it again, I’d love the help.

  8. Donovan says:

    This builder has been invaluable in helping me run a net game of RISK Legacy using my own board and having players send in orders. It’s really quite fun to watch it play out and the visual aid helps an awful lot to keep us in the know.

    Can you add in the Sea Route that exists between the Middle East and East Africa? I noticed that’s missing from the builder even though it actually exists in the game, and it’s been confusing to a few players during the African wars for troops to skip across to a territory it doesn’t look like it’s connected to.

    • Donovan says:

      Also, one of my players mentioned that the builder calls it Congo when the actual map says it’s Central Africa now.

      It’s really fine, given this amazing project is years old and a name change really isn’t that important, but I figured I’d mention that too so you wouldn’t have to go back to this twice!

      • jasonwestley says:

        Hi Donovan,

        Sorry about being so slow responding. Since working on the map a few years back I’ve had two children, so I get virtually no time for hobby coding at the moment! Around that time, I also got far enough into the game to realise that trying to map the complex changes was a little bit trickier than I thought. Still, I’ll do my best to make the changes you’ve mentioned this week – neither should be very difficult from what I remember of the code.


      • jasonwestley says:

        It was even easier than I expected! Both of those changes are made now. It’s reminded me how much fun I had creating the tool. Maybe I’ll have to find some time to look at it again.

        • Donovan says:

          I just noticed the changes when showing my players the new turn events! Well done! I know your life is likely very busy right now, but I’m glad you could find the time to fix those little bits up, this mapper’s doing wonders for people like us. Keep up the great work!

        • Donovan says:

          I know I’ve asked for plenty already, but could you add a new Scar type to the mapper? A black M on a red-orange (think sunset) background with a black ring around it would be great. Naturally, it wouldn’t be allowed on a territory with the Ammo Shortage (-1) or Bunker (+1) scars. Me and my players are about to start playing with this new type of scar come Game 3, and we’d really appreciate the addition!

          If you don’t know what the new Scar is about yet, it’s lurking in one of the Pouches and you’ll see it eventually. Especially if you have a lot of other players in your game! Once you see it, you’ll be glad for the admission!

          Whether yea or nay, thanks again for being so helpful! I don’t know how I could illustrate the action for my players so meaningfully without your mapper! Keep up the excellent work!

          • jasonwestley says:

            Hi Donovan, I’ve added a new scar for you. I don’t think we’ve opened that one, as I have no recollection of an ‘M’ at all! It has been a long time since we played though.

            While I made it really easy to add new scars when I coded it, I didn’t allow much flexibility in the appearance of the scar. So you’re stuck with a single-colour background. I can make it any colour you want (it’s currently HTML ‘orange’) but I can’t easily make it patterned or fade from one colour to another.

  9. Donovan says:

    That is amazing, I didn’t even think you’d do it, not having found out about it yourself. And this is just in time, Game 3′s going to start soon and I’ll need this Scar icon! Thank you so much, you’re doing outstanding work with this! Hopefully you enjoy the moment when that big M makes sense for you too! =D

  10. Donovan says:

    Hello again! I was wondering if you could make another Scar? A black B on a hot green background with a black ring around it this time. There’s no rush on this one, especially since I only have three Scar cards and I might get a fourth player (thus making Scar cards unusable for this game), but it would be nice to be prepared just in case I have to start off with only three for the next game.

    Thanks again for making an awesome mapper and following up on my comments, you’ve done great work with this!

    • Donovan says:

      … Ehe, you remember how I said I didn’t think I’d need that Scar with a black “B” on a green background with a black ring around it right away? Well… looks like human nature prevails and I could use one. Is there an offline version of the mapper I could download where I could make my own scars as I found out stuff about my copy of the board? I think that would help out a lot for people who play this game like I do!

      • jasonwestley says:

        Hi Donovan,

        Sorry – I forgot you had requested this! I’ll try to take a look today. Note that there’s nothing server side about this solution. If you download all the css and js resources and tweak the html to point towards those files on your local machine then it should just work. I’ll try to save you the bother though!


      • jasonwestley says:

        Your green B is now on the map!

        • Donovan says:

          You’re an excellent man. I really hope I don’t have to bug you for more Scars soon, you’ve been more than fair about it. I might be getting Pandemic Legacy for Christmas to break up the RISK Legacy games we’ve been doing, so even though I don’t have a mapper for that game, I might use that to pad out time. Thanks again, you and your mapper have been crazy helpful for this.

  11. Izz says:

    thank you for still offering this. it will help to make a reusable board approach feasible.


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