A Risk Legacy Mapping Tool

Warning! Work in progress.

** EDIT 11 Sep 2013 **
There is now a new version of the Risk Legacy Mapping Tool which you can find here. There’s a post about it where you can tell me what needs changing.

Here is a link to my Risk Legacy Mapping Tool.

At the moment, it’s in working order, but isn’t complete. It allows you to to do all things you would expect to be able to do to a Risk Legacy board, with no spoilers. Every bit of functionality that is available is present in the Risk Legacy rules at the moment you open the box.

It uses SVG to render all the graphics, so you’re going to need a vaguely modern browser to use the application. That basically means anything other than IE8 or below.

I’m afraid there aren’t any instructions at the moment, but a basic summary goes something like this…

1. Add and remove resources from a territory by clicking the little circles below the territory name.
2. Add, change the size of, and remove cities by clicking above the marker in each territory. You should get a hover effect if you’re in the right place.
3. Add, change and remove scars by clicking below the marker in each territory. You should get a hover effect if you’re in the right place.
4. Name cities by clicking on ClickMeToName when you’ve created a city.
5. Add fortification to city by right-clicking it, and change the fortification number by clicking the little blue number.
6. Place troops in a territory by clicking in the territory. Clicking in the territory a second time will change the troops into a base. Clicking a third time will remove the troops.
7. Change the number of troops by left-clicking the troops/base shape.
8. Change the colour of troops by right-clicking the troops/base shape, or by selecting from the colour picker in the top right before creating the troops.
9. Name a continent by clicking in the white space above the territory count for the continent.
10. Change a continent bonus by clicking in the little white square on the right of the continent label.
11. Toggle stuff using the buttons on the right.
12. NOT FINISHED! In theory, you can save the state of the board by generating a code using the ‘Generate Code’ button. This code can then be re-entered later by using the ‘Read Code’ button. This should work for resources, troops, cities and fortifications. It does not work for continent names, or for the winners statistics section in the bottom left, which I’ll let you work out for yourselves.

If you do find this tool and have a go on it, I’d be really grateful for any feedback in the comments of this post.

Changes to come are:

1. Finishing the functionality to save the layout.
2. Changing some of the right-click stuff to drags so it will work on tablets.
3. Find or create a decent vector map of the Risk board – if you know where one is, please let me know!


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