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Risk Legacy Mapper History

I’ve created a page where I’ll keep track of the history of changes to the Risk Legacy Mapping Tool. It’s also a good place to give me feedback and stuff. Thanks.

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Risk Legacy Mapper – new and in D3!

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything, because I’ve been working on a new version of the Risk Legacy Mapper. You can find the new mapping tool here. The most obvious change is that it uses the proper

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SVG Dice using D3

This is a javascript D3 function I wrote to create SVG dice images. function append_die(element,number,cx,cy,width,colour,dotcolour) { element.append(“rect”).attr(“x”, cx-width/2).attr(“y”, cy-width/2).attr(“width”, width).attr(“height”, width).attr(“rx”, width/6).attr(“ry”, width/6).attr(“fill”, colour); if (number == 1) { element.append(“circle”).attr(“cx”, cx).attr(“cy”, cy).attr(“r”, width/8).attr(“fill”, dotcolour); } if (number == 2) {

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Comparing SVG Plugins

My last post on SVG was basically an extremely light introduction to the subject. It was basically a way of working out what the best way of embedding SVG in a WordPress post was. Iframes as it turns out. Anyway,

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