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A Risk Legacy Mapping Tool

Warning! Work in progress. ** EDIT 11 Sep 2013 ** There is now a new version of the Risk Legacy Mapping Tool which you can find here. There’s a post about it where you can tell me what needs changing.

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SVG Polygon Generator

OK, so the hexagon generator in the previous post seems a little inadequate in hindsight. So here is the code for a more general, regular, convex polygon. function polygon(x,y,rad,sides) { var path = “M “; for (a=0;a<sides;a++) { if (a>0)

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An SVG Hexagon

Do you need a quick way to generate hexagons in SVG? Include this script in your javascript, and use it to generate the path string for a hexagon. You can then use the string with your chosen SVG plugin. I’ve

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Comparing SVG Plugins

My last post on SVG was basically an extremely light introduction to the subject. It was basically a way of working out what the best way of embedding SVG in a WordPress post was. Iframes as it turns out. Anyway,

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